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What are Healthy Eating Manners?

1. Switch off your tv , phone and computers- Be attentive while u eat. U should focus with all your 5 senses on your food, so that u can enjoy the sweetness of food.
Make a direct connection with food while u eat so that your brain can send the signal that u have eaten enough, now stop. 
So don’t engage urself in any other activity to find your eating threshold and sense that signal.

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PLASTIC is Dangerous for Health

We always talk about food. What to include , what to eat, but are you aware of the harmful toxins around us. One of the most common toxin which is everywhere in our life and we r so use to it….yes it’s plastic. It is impractical for us in today’s world to get plastic out of our life. But one thing we can do is to reduce its usage to certain extent. 

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Why Should we Stay away from Bread?

Bread is made up of refined grains and isn’t nutritious- they put you at risk of weight gain, blood pressure, indigestion and diabetes.

Most of us grew up eating white bread and the demand for it has grown substantially. To meet the consumer demands, various food companies have compromised on the processing of white flour, which is one of the primary reasons why diabetes is on the rise.

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