PLASTIC is Dangerous for Health


We always talk about food. What to include , what to eat, but are you aware of the harmful toxins around us. One of the most common toxin which is everywhere in our life and we r so use to it….yes it’s plastic. It is impractical for us in today’s world to get plastic out of our life. But one thing we can do is to reduce its usage to certain extent. 

Plastic is most toxic and harmful when it is heated.

When plastic gets heated it leaches 55-60 chemicals. Either u are eating food in plastic containers, heating food in plastic in microwaves or u are putting hot food in your plastic utensils. That heat causes plastic to leach chemicals into the food which gets accumulated in our body and disturbs our hormonal balance. 

Most common uses of plastics in our household

1. Leftovers are kept in plastic containers for storage.

2. Microwave safe containers- Nothing is like that. Electromagnetic radiation and their  frequency are so strong that even when we stand in front of our Microwave, it effects our body. Don’t reheat ur food in microwave , so it on gas stove. ( i know it’s tough to change few habits but when it’s all about health , do it)

3. Water bottles- Even plastic gets leached into water. Kids usually drink their water from plastic bottles throughout the day, so they are continuously accumulating toxins in their body. Is it ok for ur child’s health?

How to reduce plastic in our life?

a) Replace plastic bottles and even kids plastic utensils with stainless steel/ glass bottles.

b) Start storing your food in stainless steel containers or glass. It must be priority to remove all ur plastic from your kitchen. 

c) Stop ordering food from outside/restaurant. They deliver you highly heated food in lowest grade containers. That food gets toxic in no time with chemicals leaches from plastic.

d) Reduce usage of microwave, even if u are using it, make a rule- never keep plastic in it, always use glassware. Intake of toxins thru plastic leads to infertility, constipation, cancer, allergies, hormonal imbalance  etc. Plastics when heated mimic estrogen, increase in estrogen in our body leads to these problems. 

e) Stop using plastic tiffin’s and containers for your kids. Start using stainless steel tiffin’s. No shame in it.

f) Stop eating hot tea/coffee in foam or plastic cups especially in offices, roadside or cinemas. You are ingesting toxins not antioxidants. 

So guys it’s high time now. Keep your eyes open and look around wat are u ingesting. You can’t change your kitchen in one day but u can surely make it. Plastic is a slow poison, stay away from it as much as you can.