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My name is Shivani Gagneja. I am an Integrated Dietetics Consultant, a Diabetic Educator, and a Gut Health Expert.
Integrated means the Combination of Modern nutrition, Ayurvedic Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching.
When someone listens to the word Diet, it generally taken in the Negative way as Restricted eating, Eating only boiled/ blanded Soups and Salads, Starvation, Killing your Cravings.. and so many other myths.
But I am here to change that perception of Dieting. I consider Food as a ‘Prana’. Not only I suggest wholesome balanced meals to my clients, I also focus on the kind of Kitchen Ingredients they are using in their cooking. My Diet plans are based on traditional homemade foods, No artificial shakes, powders or pills.
My focus is on all five pillars of Lifestyle- Diet, Excercise, Sleep, Stress and Hydration.
We need to understand that all these parameters work together for our body and then only we can achieve our desired results in terms of health, fitness, Weight loss and Reversal of Health Issues.
I make sure that your love for food should not be compromised and hence suggest healthy recipes of your favorite foods to stay motivated throughout this journey.


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