What are Healthy Eating Manners?

healthy eating manner

1. Switch off your tv , phone and computers- Be attentive while u eat. U should focus with all your 5 senses on your food, so that u can enjoy the sweetness of food.
Make a direct connection with food while u eat so that your brain can send the signal that u have eaten enough, now stop. 
So don’t engage urself in any other activity to find your eating threshold and sense that signal.

2. Preferably sit in cross-legged position on floor while eating-  It  helps in better digestion and u will eat only the required amount of food in this position. I know it’s not possible every time but u can do that for at least one of your meal.
3. Eat slowly and chew your food properly- Around 80% of grinding of food should be done in the mouth and rest will be done by our stomach. 
When food is not properly chewed or digested; harmful bacteria acts on it, make undigested food sticky hard and leads to constipation. 
4.Eat your meal at proper and fixed time- Set your biological clock by fixing your meal times. When u feed your body at fixed timings it will absorb more nutrients and will not store food as fat.