How to improve your sleep?


Loss of sleep or disturbed sleep is a common problem.  People suffering from lack of sleep also take sleeping pills but The next morning u awake tired and dull.

The great way to improve your sleep is 

1. Have balanced diet and improve ur amino acid intake.Tryptophan, an amino acid can naturally induce sleep by increasing serotonin and melatonin(relaxing hormones).Tryptophan is found in almost all dairy products. A glass of warm milk or having paneer in ur dinner can help u get your dose of tryptophan.When consumed with whole grain it will lead to a restful sleep.You can also add pinch of jaiphal/nutmeg in warm milk for stress free sleep.

2. Pumpkin contains tryptophan and Magnesium , hence gud for sound sleep.

3. You can do breathing excercise by pressing ur right nostril for 2-3 minutes. This will definitely help u out.

4. Apply ghee on heels of ur feet before going to bed. It will induce a sound sleep.

5. Put 2-3 drops of ghee in ur nostrils.

How much sleep do u need? 

7-8 hours for adults, 8-9hrs for kids above 7 yrs and 10 hours for kids less than 7 yrs.

Fix your sleep timings.

At least u can do it for weekdays. 

Late night sleeping interfere with absorption of calcium and iron in our body.

Don’t go to bed just after your dinner.

You must walk for 1000 steps after dinner. 

But still if it's not possible u can sit in vajrasan for 5-10 min. When you sit in vajrasana you obstruct blood flow to the lower part of your body - thighs and legs. This increases blood flow to your pelvic area and stomach due to which bowel movement and digestion becomes better. It is the only asan that can be done on full stomach.