Sugar addiction is not less than addiction to Heroine. 

Whenever we talk abt healthy eating or weight loss we are supposed to avoid sugar completely. That is justified.

But Dil to Baccha hai ji….

So does this mean that we will never be able to have our favorite desserts?

Well, You can have your favorite sweets without getting fat. But keep these points in your mind before ur indulgence-

1. NEVER eat them with or after meal. As they are high on glycemic index .

2. Eat them as your mini meal.

3. Eat them once a week. Only one dessert once a week. Mind it.

4. Eat them in the mrng time before ur lunch . In mrng time ur metabolism is comparatively more active than evening time. So it will not add up to ur weight.

5. If u r going for buffets, eat your sweets before ur main meal.

6. If u are doing excercise or going to gym then u can have ur sweets as post excercise meal. Treat for ur hard work, but not daily.

7. Whenever u crave for sweets, substitute it with ur favourite fruit.Always keep ur favourite fruit at home.

8. Cut down ur intake of processed and packed foods, then only u can earn ur desert once a week.

9. Try to make ur desserts at home rather than buying them from Market.

10. Wait for occasions and special days to celebrate with desserts . Don’t make habit to have sweets every weekend.


Most important-  When u feed ur body with all the required carbs, fats; proteins, vitamins, minerals, fibre , macros and micro elements in adequate amount from balanced and healthy diet + when u are doing ur regular excercise + have proper sleep without any stress , it will automatically stop or reduce ur cravings. Make your fundas clear. Have smart eating. Eat Heathy stay gorgeous.