Start training yourself to eat right?

Healthy Eating Habits

Start Taking Baby Steps:

Changing a lifestyle that you’ve been following for several years now is hard but not impossible. Making small, gradual changes in your eating pattern is the best way to overhaul your diet.

Your ultimate goal is to adopt and adapt new eating habits that can be sustained for life, thus gradual changes every week will help you. Make a list of changes you’d like to adopt (for eg. cutting down on sugar by half, delete all kinds of junk, include salads in all your meals), and schedule one change per week. Write it down on paper and paste it on kitchen wall or stick it on fridge door to remind u whenever u cross from there.

Stock your Kitchen Well:

Another good way to start is to stock your kitchen and refrigerator with healthy foods. That way, when hunger strikes, you have a healthy alternative in the fridge, instead of the unhealthy options at the nearby take-away joint. Also, plan to prepare healthier foods at home which keep your eating out habits at bay.

Start Eliminating Few Things:

In order to start eating right, you can also start eliminating certain things like sugar, processed foods, refined flours, soda, alcohol, canned beverages, packed juices etc. Make a thumb rule not to buy these items at any cost.

Slowly, but steadily, eliminate every such bad food habits you have got accustomed to over the years.

Start making Healthy Choices:

Eating healthy and eating right doesn’t mean you have to isolate yourself or stop being social. And it definitely doesn’t mean that you stop partying!

Whether party or eating out at a restaurant, you can always make good choices over unhealthy ones. For one, you can choose grilled food over deep fried food. Ditch that plate of fries for a healthier plate of steamed and buttered vegetables or mushrooms. Opt for roasted chicken rather than butter chicken. We can eat everything that we love but in moderation and in a smart way.

So guys let’s have some resolutions , some promises with ourselves to get and achieve better life ahead.