Well guys, if you are suffering from (Constipation) morning problem, I must say you are very much sick. If u are going to ignore this problem you are breeding diseases and infections in your body. All our diseases arise from stomach.

Constipation is curse of modern lifestyle. Bowel moment takes place in colon. If u are constipated u are holding on toxins and wastes in your body. 70-80% of our immunity develops in our colon.

What happens when you are Constipated?

  1. It creates hardened faecal matter along the walls of colon.
  2. Toxic waste means toxic gases which means presence of poison in your body.
  3. Lack of immunity, more infections, prone to diseases.

Everybody knows the reason behind constipation. You have to find out which is applicable to you.

  1. Diet- Regular intake of refined and processed foods, high sugar foods, salt rich foods and lack of fibre in ur diet. Add some raw foods in each of ur meal as they provide fibre as well as live digestive enzymes which helps in good digestion.
  2. Insufficient walking and excercise- Due to sedentary lifestyle food takes longer time to digest and travel through ur colon. By the time it reaches colon most of the water is absorbed out and it becomes hard stool which becomes difficult to pass out.
  3. Drinking less water- Water makes ur stool travel to colon and then out. Increase the amount of water intake specially in the morning up to 1 litre. Take warm water at least 2-3 times a day.
  4. Inadequate sleep / high stress levels/ anxiety/fear/worry/tensions- All leads to constipation.
  5. Conciously stop the urge to pass the motion- Don’t try to hold on ur stools due to your busy schedules.

Some of you might be using laxatives and pills to cure this problem but if you are using them since long these laxatives are harmful and have side effects on human body. They wash off all the B vitamins from large intestine.

Change your lifestyle rather than depending on these medications.