Chocolate Popcorns

chocolate popcorns


  • 1/2 cup corn kernels
  • 2 pieces (10gm) chocolate (Pref. Dark chocolate)


1.Place corn kernels in a cooker

2.Put on medium heat and cover the cooker, without the weight (whistle)

3.Shake the cooker a bit, till you hear the corn start to pop

4.Give is a shake and turn heat to low. Shake a few time to help the corn kernels at the bottom

5.Once the popping sound stops, open the cooker

6.Place the popped corn in a different bowl

7.In the warm cooker, with the heat off, add the chocolate

8.It will melt quickly, ensure it doesn’t burn

9.Add the plain pop corn back in and stir to coat with chocolate

10.I like to eat immediately otherwise store in an airtight container